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  2. Condolences on your father’s passing. The dedication caught me as a wonderfully effective segue to the 101 article. The article is quite insightful, from the perspective of a newcomer looking to find his bearing.


  3. Hi AllIt has been really usfeul to read your comments on e-learning tools. I am seeking comments on a dilemma I have. We are a small training company that want to develop some of our courses into e-learning packages. I find it really hard to obtain sound objective advice. Do I get a company to do this and pay them each year for the licensing and development? Is is feasible for me to learn to do this myself for the very reason Mike mentioned to ensure it is accessible to all and educational sound? If I do get a company to do how much should I pay for the service and what pitfalls should I look out for. Do I have to pay them a fee each year for the authorizing tool. any comments from you guys would be very gratefully recieved


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