Turkey of the Year Awards 2023

Turkey of the Year Awards 2023, categories include Learning System Vendors are you paying attention, Time to end this feature or capability, and the TOY award for 2023

Why ask for advice on LinkedIn for your learning system/tech; if the respondents are not experts?

Should you be relying on folks who are not experts, when you are looking to purchase learning technology, learning systems or Gen-AI for L&D and Training? Clearly not.

Halloween Edition – Trick or Treat?


ChatGPT, Gen-AI and Learning Systems – The Latest

The latest around Gen-AI with Learning Systems and Learning Technology. From ChatGPT to Claude, from LMS to LXP and everything in between.

LMS, LXP Functionality U Will Need in 2024

LMS. LXP. Learning Platform. Talent Development Platform, all slide under the umbrella term of learning systems. Yet each one of

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The AI Guide – R U Asking the Right Questions?

Are you asking the key questions when you talk to vendors who pitch they have AI? Are you aware of some the surprises around Gen-AI when you add it to your workplace? This post covers it all.

LXP Buying? It isn’t so crystal clear..

What is it about an LXP that stands out in the learning system space for so many? What is it,

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Did you know? Learning Systems Vol 3

Did you know – Volume three. Topics include WBT, E-Learning, Vendor mistakes on the learner and admin side – white-label mobile apps, and salespeople

The LIST of Top Learning Systems (LMS, LXP, EDP, Learning Platforms)

Employee Development, Deskless Workers, Customer Training. Associations. L&D and Training. The Ultimate List of the Top Learning Systems – LMS, LXP, Employee Development, Skills and so much more.

Q&A from Vendors – Learning Systems Edition

A first! Q&A Learning Systems Editions – Find out what vendors in the space what to know – and the answers to those questions.

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