LMS, LXP Functionality U Will Need in 2024

LMS. LXP. Learning Platform. Talent Development Platform, all slide under the umbrella term of learning systems. Yet each one of

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LXP Buying? It isn’t so crystal clear..

What is it about an LXP that stands out in the learning system space for so many? What is it,

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The LIST of Top Learning Systems (LMS, LXP, EDP, Learning Platforms)

Employee Development, Deskless Workers, Customer Training. Associations. L&D and Training. The Ultimate List of the Top Learning Systems – LMS, LXP, Employee Development, Skills and so much more.

Going to LTUK2022? My Guide on Which vendors to check out

The ultimate guide identifying the learning systems and e-learning solutions that you should check out. As for the others? Pass.

What should we do?

There are a lot of ways e-learning is going, with learning technology and systems. But is it for everyone? Or just a select few.

LinkedIn Learning Product Review

An in-depth analysis of the LinkedIn Learning Platform,. Includes video reviews too.

Why the hate with Learning Preferences?

Everyday we select, watch content and pick goods based on our preferences. So, why do so many people believe that preferences do not exist in learning?

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