COVID-19 and its Impact on Learning

COVID19 will require changes to be made at the workplace, one of which, is learning. Equally, for education, where e-learning can make a positive difference.

Informal, Formal – End 4 E-Learning

Formal learning and informal learning are for folks who remember the good ol’days and think it applies now for online. It doesn’t.

Creating an e-learning strategy that works

Creating an e-learning strategy up front will save you a lot of time down the road. Yet, many people jump right into the middle of it without figuring it out beforehand. The result? Mixed.

Y R Some Vendors confused about e-learning?

As e-learning grows so come new challenges and issues to resolve. The latest to show up? Lack of e-learning knowledge and expertise. For those that offer it, they tend to hide in the shadows.

ASTD TechKnowledge 2013, Day 2

Wow, wasn’t that marching band fantastic? I loved the lip synch of that tune. Okay, time for the 2nd half

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LMS 201

There continues to be a lot of disinformation out there when it comes to learning management systems. Hopefully this article will clear up a few things.

The grades are in for Education focused LMSs

The K-12 education learning management systems are starting to understand the needs of the teachers and their students. While some systems are in the failing mark, there are a few who truly deserve an A.

Halftime! LMS trends though July

Sixth months are nearly gone and with that comes a few LMS trends I am seeing in the space.

E-Learning Screen recording and video solutions – Should b simple, so why isn’t it?

With the new screen recording and video recording solutions for our industry, things are changing. Some features make sense, some don’t. Some products are easy to use, but many are not. The question is why?

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