ChatGPT, Gen-AI and Learning Systems – The Latest

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  • What do you want it to do? Why do you want to add Gen-AI? Is it because your clients are asking for it? Because you recognized you need it? Another reason?
  • Did you look at the various LLMs out there besides OpenAI and Azure. There are a lot of LLMs out there, and one that intrigues me (not yet live, but Google is having a few companies test it out), is Gemini. Now, that could damage OpenAI realistically—a potential game changer.
  • Do you need it now, or can you wait until 2024? If you say 2025, you are going to be far back.
  • If you add it, what are some of the low-hanging fruit you could do immediately? And, what are some things you could add next year that would be a USP (unique sales proposition) for you? Do you want to be like everyone else, Or do you want to truly be a leader?
  • Do you have the budget to do this? Can you handle the costs? One way around this is to do machine learning (a form of AI) with Gen-AI or just go only machine learning (which many vendors have or still have, actually)
  • Are you aware of the number of tokens per prompt? There are always caps.
  • I’d ignore the number of parameters. It sounds impressive, but how many are you genuinely going to use? I highly doubt 1 trillion (yes, an LLM has it).
  • How will privacy and security issues be addressed? Just because your system has it, does your Gen-AI LLM too? I mean if you have to strip out PII with the Gen-AI, how will that work?

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