Halloween Edition – Trick or Treat?

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The Trick is this one:

D2L lands a super TREAT. Their generative AI (ChatGPT 3.5 turbo) is in the following and used as:

  • Content Creator – Beyond creating the content, you can create practice questions on a selected item of text OR on the content itself
  • Video Skills – Generate Learning Objectives from the learning content (Brilliant – a lot of vendors do not do this, especially with video skills, in fact, it is rare)
  • Video Skills – Using an AI coach, it can use the content for the submission to identify delivery, tone, suggestions and much more. (SWEET)
  • The AI trains itself on the data over and over again. That is how it learns. If the information presented it wrong, what do you think it will do? Figure that out on its own? Not a chance. That’s where that human element comes in.
  • When I use GPT-4 for the text and file angle it will present me with a “thumbs up, thumbs down, and a check board like thing. If I select thumbs down, it will ask me what was incorrect and I will write it in, and then submit it. If you are using other Gen-AI solution whereas text plays into it, or files, they will provide something for correction options.
  • 360 Learning (FAL)
  • Absorb LMS with Engage (FAL)
  • Acorn LMS (FAL)
  • Adobe Learning Manager
  • Archipel Academy (FAL)
  • Bealink (FAL)
  • Biz skills with Biz Academy (FAL)
  • BrainCert
  • Cornerstone LMS (FAL)
  • Cypher Learning (FAL) – Update to listing coming soon – just an fyi.
  • D2L for Business (FAL)
  • Degreed (FAL)
  • Docebo Learn with DCS (FAL)
  • eloomi (FAL)
  • enabley (FAL)
  • Eurekos (FAL)
  • Fuse (FAL)
  • IMC Learning Suite (FAL)
  • Juno Journey (FAL)
  • Kallidus (FAL)
  • Knowledge Anywhere (FAL)
  • Learn Amp (FAL)
  • Learn Upon (FAL)
  • Learning Cart (FAL)
  • Learning Pool (FAL)
  • LearnOps Platform (FAL)
  • Learnster (FAL)
  • Litmos (FAL)
  • LMS 365 (FAL)
  • MentorCliQ
  • NovoEd
  • Pluralsight (FAL)
  • Schoox (FAL)
  • Skilljar (FAL)
  • SmarterU (FAL)
  • Talent LMS (FAL)
  • Tenneo  (FAL)
  • Thirst.io
  • Thought Industries (FAL)
  • Tovuti
  • Uqualio (FAL)
  • Valamis (FAL)

Of this list, the vendors that surprised me the most – as in they came out of nowhere are

  • Bealink
  • Archipel Academy
  • Thirst.io

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