1. Craig, thanks for the review. A co-worker demo’d this earlier in the week and gave pretty much the same synopsis, pro’s con’s etc. I think with any of the authoring tools some people will assume it is a quick fix to create great eLearning. It does look interesting though. Definitely liking the triggers.

    When you published for HTML5, did you have many animations or transitions between pages/slides? If so, how did it handle the animations, did it still feel pretty seamless?

  2. Hi Craig

    I’ve been using the demo for a week or two and found Storyline to be a fair compromise between something like Articulate (Yuk!) and FLASH. With a little imagination, triggers, layers and javascript you can make it do some quite sexy things quite quickly.

    Once published, I found the output on desktop and Android tablet to have pretty good fidelity. These worked well out of my ScormCloud LMS account.

    I was interested in your experience with the LMS with iPad, however. You seemed to indicate it worked well for you. I published similarly to the way you described, but accessing the material via the LMS on iPad doesn’t work.

    Would you please describe the steps of accessing the published course on the LMS and what happened? E.g. You access the LMS with Safari, launch the course, the mobile player kicks in? I really don’t get how this iPad thing is supposed to work. Sad, as the Android and desktop parts worked like a dream.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


    1. Pete,

      I tested it within a LMS, and it worked fine, but I did not download/test it from the LMS into the app.

      That said, as noted in the article I found the iPad app to be a major disappointment on multiple fronts.

  3. Very good blog Craig! I must be thankful to you for providing those screenshots and explaning every bit of it in very short and precise manner.

    I have been using Storyline since last one month and I just loved the fact that same content can be published into Flash and HTML5. Also there are no different packges for every delivery platforms, when you run the content it checks the browser type and accordingly loads the HTML5 or Flash content.

    On the poorer note I would say absence of system variables (properties of your courseware like max pages, current page etc) restricts the ability of a developer from using the tool and as most client requirements evolve around such fatcs! But I am very optimistic regarding this tool and I personally feel that in coming two years this tool would be a need of time!

    I will post more technical aspects of the tool in near future!

    Thanks once again!

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