1. Craig, thanks for your complimentary words about OpenSesame! We’re hopeful that our marketplace will continue to drive innovation in the elearning sector while making selecting, purchasing and deploying content easier for training managers. We’re always interested in feedback and suggestions, as well.


  2. Craig,

    I liked your comment on how vendors are starting to charge for free bees especially with so much new happening in the LMS world, users have started to take so much for granted. Users expect to pay for new innovations and technology, not for features that were already a part of LMS.

  3. Craig,
    I just found your blog while searching for info on LMS pricing models. Although you didn’t quit hit on my issue and thoroughly enjoyed reading it and will again. It is time to renew with my hosted LMS provider and they are forcing a built in increase year-over-year with a multi-year contract. Wow… I didn’t see that one coming. Anyway, great job.

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