1. Thank you Craig for this comprehensive list of social media tools with compelling value added propositions for more traditional eLearning technologies. Indeed the time for excuses is over! Social media is dramatically changing the way people communicate in the workspace, inevitably impacting corporate Learning strategies. I truly appreciate your call to action for all vendors to embrace what social media has to offer and provide integration to platforms that have reached a level of maturity and penetration that cannot be overlooked any longer.
    The biggest challenge today is probably the overload of information and options available. With all the tools and sites out there, where and how do you get started integrating social media? What is the best process to select the appropriate tools and create a “roadmap to social learning”?

    Prioritizing what you want out of social media is critical prior to jumping in!
    It would be interesting to provide a forum for an exchange of experiences and best practices on social media integration from a vendor point of view leading to developing useful guidelines for all in the industry.


  2. Nice listing of technolgies, but would answer the premise of your post with a question.

    What business problems are SL technology trying to solve?

    For example, how does collaborting on a PPT amongst 20 workers add to the bottom line, improve customer server or offer some other significant enough benefit to warrant changing existing processes/behaviors?

    Ultimately, that is the point.


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