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While this market has always existed, it is clearly taking a whole new form in two areas:

  • Strong emphasis to embed into a web site or blog
  • Capabilities to push quiz on Twitter and Facebook

Another trend, is a heavy push towards academia – although this has always been the case, it is very evident that the real real driver is now K-12. This is ironic, considering that the rapid content authoring tools, LMSs & Learning Portals offer quiz/assessment tools and target the corporate market (and not academia or or not just academia).

All these tools are free. If they offer a paid version, it is listed as well. However, this list and the links thereof are for the free versions.  Beyond this list, is my top 3.

Free Quiz and Test Maker Tools

Abbreviations you will see:

  • Does it offer a paid version (PY – Paid Yes, PN – Paid No)
  • Types of Questions: (M/C – Multiple Choice, T/F – True/False, S/A-Short Answer, FG- Fill in the Gap, FIB- Blank, E- Essay, MAT-Matching, MA-Multiple Answers, O-Other)
  • Type of Market: (K12: K to 12, Ac: Academia, C: Corporate, All: All the markets)

You will see only the product name and not the company name, however when you click the product name, it will take you to the web When possible, I tried to take you directly to the product itself – the free version. For the download version, it goes directly to the product.

Software in the “Cloud”

Classmarker C, PY, M/C, Multilingual option, Ads, links directly from ur web site or email, external branding, testing, unlimited questions & classes, instant results and stats, randomized questions, time limits, export results and more – VERY Robust on the Free version!!! K12, A, PY, Unknown on types of questions, Ads, embed in blogs, wikis and web sites

Easy Test Maker K12, A, PY, M/C, T/F, FIB, MAT, S/A, MA, Unlimited number of tests, DL as word doc., Answer sheets

eQuizzer K12, M/C, T/F, S/A, FIB, MAT, MA, You can leave feedback for students, offers image storage, can be written in HTML, creates stats – Extremely Easy

Mobile Study All (albeit I found it more towards Academia), unknown types of questions, create quizzes for mobile phones (did not specify which ones), offers Moodle & FB app, and widget

ProProfs All (albeit, I found it more towards K-12/academia), PY, M/C, T/F, MA, MAT, FIB, E, can create personality quizzes too, embed on web site, blog, output to FB, Twitter, e-mail, provides reports, add images & media, brand with colors, lots of features – Extremely easy to create a quiz, Very nice

Quiz Generator K12, M/C, No frills

QuizStar A, M/C, T/F, S/A, Multilingual, duplicate quizzes, multimedia embed into quizzes, stats

Yacapaca! K12, unknown types of questions, can create eportfolios, surveys, mark automatically, modify and share assessments, stats

Download Software

iQuiz Maker, All, unknown types of questions, create quizzes for the iPod, Min. syst reqs PC Win XP SP2, Win Vista, ITunes 7.3 or earlier, Mac OS X 10.4, ITunes 7.3 or earlier

QuizFaber All, M/C, T/F, MAT, MA, FG, O, multilingual, multimedia incl. AVI, .mpeg, Quicktime, can be published on net or local server, works with IE, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome; Offers .FLV format, Results can be saved on server or via e-mail, lots of capabilities – Very Nice

testCommander K12, A, PY, M/C, O, lots of features, can print tests for paper exams, wizard based, embed images, track unanswered questions, can be used online, offline

testMaker K12, A, unknown types of questions, create and publish tests and questionnaires online – web based, open source

wQuiz K12, unknown types of questions, create interactive quizzes on net, major lame, open source

My Top 3 – Free Versions (in no particular order)

  • ProProfs (Online)
  • Classmarker (Online)
  • QuizFaber (Download)

What do You Think?

After you test the products, let me know what you think and I will post updates ratings by the product.  Your options are:

  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor

Please leave a comment, so others can see as well. Please focus only on the product, and please if you are a vendor (of any of these products or a paid product in this space), your comments will be removed. This is not an opportunity to pitch or promote your solution, while slamming another.

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