4-1-1 E-Learning Free Webinar Series Kicks Off

Will cover a specific topic each month – the debut session is October 14th, 2010 at 4 p.m. EST

Hosting of the Webinar Series is brought to you by DimDim. You will receive an email providing the link to the conference room, passcode and call-in number. You will be able to use VOIP.

Social Learning – C the New, C the Possible, C the Evolution – to register, click Social Learning Webinar

In this one hour free webinar, you will learn about the new possibilities you can create/use with social learning.  Specifically:

  • The newest social media types and tools you can use today- Including specific ideas and suggestions
  • The latest trends and data on social media and social learning

There will never be a charge to the 4-1-1 E-Learning Webinar Series, and questions are encouraged.


When you register and attend Social Learning: C the New, C the Possible and C the Evolution, you will be entered to win a one year subscription to Rapid Intake’s online, collaborative rapid authoring tool, Unison™.

Unison allows e-learning developers to build, test, review and publish Flash-based courses in minutes, from any computer connected to the internet. Best of all, you can do this without every opening Flash.
  • This is a one year subscription to one of the premier content authoring tools out on the market
  • One attendee will be selected at random, but you must register for the webinar and you must attend
Power of HTML5 – SEE IT NOW
Great example, if you have not yet seen it – Music Video built in 100% HTML5
I strongly recommend you download the beta version of Chrome, which has very strong support for HTML5. While your current browsers do support HTML5, the newer ones far surpass them, and right now excluding Safari, Chrome is the only one out there.

I do not recommend Safari as it will slow down your resources.  You can have another window open if you want, it worked with me.  But it is up to you.
This music video was built in 100% HTML5 and uses geolocation.  Frankly it is amazing.  Even if you do not like the band, watch for the guy appearing on your street as an image and running down your street.

Free Blog Articles to Download, Print & Share

Below are the PDF versions of some of the articles, with more to come soon.

Some are a collection of articles with updates.  I will be launching .epub, .mobi on a new platform in two weeks. These formats are for e-readers – for viewing online – u can dl an e-reader and view online or on e-readers such as the Nook, Sony Reader, Kindle and other companies, plus on tablets including the Ipad.

All PDFs have been fixed and you will not need a password to download them.

The files will work for those who are visually impaired and use programs that read pdfs beyond the standard ones.   Size of the file is in ( ) and thus dl time may be slower or faster depending on your connection.


Next Tuesday

  • Open Source Quiz Assessment and Tools – Free
  • Review of ProProfs – a quiz tool – SAAS

In Two weeks

Web Conferencing – the Players, the Duds, the Newcomers – includes a directory of all the vendors out there.  Article will include features that are standard, so you don’t get hooked into the hype.

Coming at the end of October 2010

People have been asking me for my top LMS vendors, and so, I will be providing my top 20 vendors. They will be selected on various factors, which will be listed.  While every vendor, I am sure feels they have the best solution, IMO, there are 20 that stand out. Do they need to include social learning? They should, but that is just one of the factors.

I will tell you that two of my top 5 up and coming LMS vendors are not on that list, as over the past few months, I have seen others surpass them.

Web Site

I will be launching a web site the first week of November. This will be a site for E-Learn Info, my company, but will provide useful information – free.  This will be in addition to my blog – which will always remain and be free.

Speaking Engagements

I will be presenting at BYOL on Nov. 10th-12th in NYC.

  • HTML5 & Tablets

E-Learning 24/7