Why can’t you say YES, when you want to buy a learning system?

You may be one of the people who takes a lot of time, making a decision when selecting a learning system (LMS, LXP, etc.). It could be due to the endowment effect or any number of factors, in the decision-making process. But sometimes, it is just trying to say yes, even though outloud you say nothing.

The Focus – Reskill, not upskill

Generative-AI and AI in general is going to change your employee workplace. The days of upskilling sound great, but reality says differently. Reskilling is the need now, and going forward to create new job opportunities and roles, that didn’t exist before.

Trends in the Learning System and Tech Space

Seven hot trends that are showing up in 2023. Gen-AI plays a big role with a few of them, but an underlying trend is cost.

Refresh Needed – Learning Systems, are you listening?

Ad nauseum. That is what you are going to experience if you haven’t already with so many learning systems out there. They need to Refresh. Eliminate Retread and adapt. So why are so many, not?

5 Questions U must Ask Every Vendor with Gen-AI

Generative AI is all the rage in the industry. People are excited, but excitement only goes so far. If you are not asking these five questions, be prepared for actions, that will impact your learning and training online. And those actions are not good.

LTUK23 – Vendors to Check Out

Learning Systems, Learning Technology and Content Providers to check out for LTUK 2023. This list is my recommendations. Saving you lots of time. Plus links to help you when talking to a salesperson.

Product Reviews – Lucy.ai, and Cognota

Two product reviews – one post. Cognota, learning operations system,; and Lucy.ai – learning platform using Generative AI

FindContent.io – The New Way to Find Content

FindContent.io, developed by Craig Weiss, offers a way to find, compare, and even take courses/content from 3rd party publishers. Save time, by finding the right content for your learning and training needs.

My dinner with GPT-4 – The Q&A

Q/A with GPT-4. The discussion covers Generative AI with workplace learning and customer training; and Generative AI in general.

Customer Education Bracket 2023 – Best of the Best

Are you sitting down? Standing up? Grabbed your Vendor’s Jersey or garb they give you and are raring to go?

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