Turkey of the Year Awards 2023

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Oh, and don’t wait for them to ask you, because they may not know, okay, less than 2% will know.

  • All Gen-AI produces hallucinations – which means fake or false information. Thus it is extremely important that you always have someone review the output before using it. Today, the vendors who have Gen-AI are focused on content/course creation, assessment tools and some skill building. Only three have a “window or information before you begin, that identifies the potential for fake or false information with Gen-AI and that you should always review before publishing.
  • Gen-AI may produce AI bias. This is a reality. Think this way – you are adding your own content/materials, and unbeknownst to you, it has bias in it. AI can’t figure that out. And depending on the data sets the vendor used initially, it may have bias in it.
  • Gen-AI is not 100% accurate. It doesn’t matter what LLM you are using. Plus don’t buy into “well, we have x guardrails and this and that, and it is private – i.e. self-contained and thus, it will produce higher accuracy numbers.” – There is no consensus on how higher that is, and yet I’ve heard vendors say 98%. It might be 92%, or 95%. Even if, hypotheticallly it is 98%, that means 2% inaccurate. If you heard that your car has a 2% chance of blowing up when you start it, would you want to know that ahead of time with the salesperson telling you? As long as you, the customer is aware of the understanding that no Gen-AI is 100% accurate, you should be fine. But, not knowing is not an excuse – i.e. the vendor must tell you – and don’t rely on the higher accuracy numbers, with private Gen-AI. Sounds great, but Gen-AI is so early stages, it is just not a valid guarantee.
  • Vendor says they are the leader in Gen-AI or the first with Gen-AI. The latter is extremely unlikely, because they are not looking at the entire market. The former, please. Marketing spin, wash and dry. I’ve seen the leader in AI for Skills or something like that. Then you see it, and you go, “Really?”
  • Vendors who push they are the only ones or leaders for course/content creation with Gen-AI. The only vendor today, whose content creation tool I have seen with Gen-AI that blows me away is Cypher Learning. That’s it. And I have seen a lot of systems that have a content creator component.
  • Any marketing around Gen-AI as thou that vendor is the dominator in the space. No, no you aren’t.

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