1. It depends on what you are looking for.

      If you want advanced content authoring tool capabilities, beyond basics, there are a few out there.

      If you want a quick convert to Flash, with PPT but still have a TOC, and other features – there are a nice list.

      If you need or want, HTML5 as a capability, there are a couple that work.

      I like Rapid Intake’s mlearning studio because it offers HTML5, and the 100% SAAS based content authoring tool, which I think they now call eLearning Studio online is excellent. It offers features and functionality from basic to advanced, including the ability to keep the flash code.


      1. No. I do not do pay for play or quid pro quo or anything like that. In fact, my clients know that I do not do product reviews on them, and when I have a client that I might state in a blog, I clearly state in the blog, that they are a client. There is full transparency here. In fact, I had Absorb as a client for 1.5yrs, but services were fulfilled and they are no longer client. That said, I really like their solution and have since 2009, before they were ever a client of mine.

        I am 100% completely independent and will stay that way. Heck, I have had clients – current and past – who I have not listed in a best of class, etc. And, if someone – a buyer hires me and asks for example, about a vendor, who is a client, I am always upfront with them – and tell them they are a client, and then will tell them, the good, and if applicable – poor things or issues I have with the solution. Again, full transparency. I believe that is only way you can best serve your buyers and the readers of the blog. It is another reason why I do not allow advertising of any sort on the blog. Zip, Nada.


  1. Yikes! SoftChalk 7 coupled with BlackBoard Learn is my institutions provided/preferred solution(s). I experience discomfort as I use these “solutions” and you are dancing around the edges of the issue(s) I have with these products. Really, these two products seem to strive to “herd” me and others into a boxed canyon: their boxed canyon. Seems they are less about enabling me and more about forcing me to do things their way. I am not saying I am a maverick, but I want some latitude. I keep thinking, “can’t I roll my own?”


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