1. It depends on what you are looking for.

      If you want advanced content authoring tool capabilities, beyond basics, there are a few out there.

      If you want a quick convert to Flash, with PPT but still have a TOC, and other features – there are a nice list.

      If you need or want, HTML5 as a capability, there are a couple that work.

      I like Rapid Intake’s mlearning studio because it offers HTML5, and the 100% SAAS based content authoring tool, which I think they now call eLearning Studio online is excellent. It offers features and functionality from basic to advanced, including the ability to keep the flash code.

      1. Just to be sure, do you have any potential conflicts of interest regarding your recommendations?

      2. No. I do not do pay for play or quid pro quo or anything like that. In fact, my clients know that I do not do product reviews on them, and when I have a client that I might state in a blog, I clearly state in the blog, that they are a client. There is full transparency here. In fact, I had Absorb as a client for 1.5yrs, but services were fulfilled and they are no longer client. That said, I really like their solution and have since 2009, before they were ever a client of mine.

        I am 100% completely independent and will stay that way. Heck, I have had clients – current and past – who I have not listed in a best of class, etc. And, if someone – a buyer hires me and asks for example, about a vendor, who is a client, I am always upfront with them – and tell them they are a client, and then will tell them, the good, and if applicable – poor things or issues I have with the solution. Again, full transparency. I believe that is only way you can best serve your buyers and the readers of the blog. It is another reason why I do not allow advertising of any sort on the blog. Zip, Nada.

  1. Yikes! SoftChalk 7 coupled with BlackBoard Learn is my institutions provided/preferred solution(s). I experience discomfort as I use these “solutions” and you are dancing around the edges of the issue(s) I have with these products. Really, these two products seem to strive to “herd” me and others into a boxed canyon: their boxed canyon. Seems they are less about enabling me and more about forcing me to do things their way. I am not saying I am a maverick, but I want some latitude. I keep thinking, “can’t I roll my own?”

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