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  • 303 LMS & Learning Portal Vendors
  • 28 free open source vendors – on 2nd tab

Vendors are listed from all over the world

List includes Lite LMSs – which is a new trend and LMS vendors who enable you only to upload their course content i.e. content created in their products into their system.

They do not allow you to use any other 3rd party rapid content authoring tool vendor.

Other trend – Lite LMS vendors who include storage, but if you exceed your amount, you pay extra.

This is continuing. Why? They are offsetting their cost for their servers by including it into the price.

Lite LMS vendors do not always, in fact over 95% do not include e-commerce.

Still vendors offering social learning, yet they do not use or have any social media presence. This is a red flag to me.

Learning Portals

  • Back end is a CMS or some form of one on your server, otherwise how to access the data – thus I feel the term “CMS” as a true standalone should slowly stop to exist, albeit I understand from a marketing reason why it will not
  • LCMS – dead. Again, a learning portal can achieve this – i.e. by you incorporating APIs, mashups or some component of such with code and you are using as a back end a CMS

LMS Directory

Click HERE

Download – by saving the file onto your desktop. Please download it and not just open up open in your window.  If you do not save it after you open it, you will not see it again, because it will exist in your cache and unless you know where to find it, many people think it disappears.

HTML5 Course

This course will work with any browser. The course is built in 100% HTML5 and the player you will view it on, is a HTML5 player within a LMS.  Please note this course is not interactive and does not really show the full engagement of HTML5, but it is a start.

To see the power of HTML5

download the beta of Chrome and then view the Wilderness Adventure.  Do not use your current browser nor Safari as the resources are not able to handle it.

HTML5 is made up of the following:

  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • Javascript

I recommend that rapid content authoring tool vendors must begin to start developing this capability. There are rumors that at least one vendor is working on such a solution.

You can still do Flash, but enable this option.

While the iPad is pure HTML5, all the other tablets hitting the market support Flash and HTML5. 35 new tablets will be in the space by the end of Q4 2010.

E-Learning 24/7

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