1. Great blog post! Nice breakdown of the industry tools and their strengths/weaknesses.

    LinkedIn groups about e-learning are awash with posts asking “Which is the best tool to create e-learning?”.
    I might save this link and dump it into the next several I see to short-circuit the inevitable futile debate that follows.

  2. Nice article. I do have a comments about AICC though. I believe that the AICC-B (the Javascript API) was used as the starting point for the communication method for SCORM. AICC also gives you the option to keep your content separate from the LMS server. It also gives you the choice to submit your information over a secure HTTPS connection. SCORM can do this as well but not without some additional server-sde scripts that not all LMS vendors supply.

    Though I do admit that if provided the choice, I would rather use SCORM versus AICC, I still believe that AICC has and plays a vital role in delivering quality WBT.

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