Social Media Offerings which can b used in Social Learning

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Social media types with examples. New social media types are being created, identified and defined constantly. With the exception of crowdsourcing, all other social media types can be used in social learning. Many of these are new, rather than repeats from a previous post.

Please be aware that this blog is not responsible for any communication/collaboration/image/video or any other item that is seen, read, viewed or heard or in any other manner, as a result of clicking on these links, which go to sites outside of this blog.

Social Media Type is Listed First     Followed by an example of that media type

  • Social BookmarkingDelicious –  spelled often as Wists social shopping with image bookmarking and creation of lists – ditch the shopping part, keep the image bookmarking and creating of lists, Yoono
  • Social Network Aggregator –    Netvibes
  • Vlogging (Video blogging)
  • Geolocating –  foursquarebrightkite
  • Virtual Worlds/Reality –  Second Life
  • Social E-Mail Google Buzz
  • CrowdsourcingChaordix
  • Photo/Image sharingFlickr
  • Forums & Message Boards –  (Something Awful – If you visit the site, please be aware that the language and topics varies from G to PG to R and Beyond)
  • LivecastingUSTREAM
  • Blogs WordPress, Blogger
  • Social DiscoveryStumble Upon (Wikipedia likes to stick this into social bookmarking, however IMO it does more than that)
  • EventsMeetup
  • Wikis Wikipedia
  • Social Professional Networks –  LinkedIn
  • Media Sharing (Video, Audio, Application) –  (Video – YouTube,  Audio-, Application – P2P)
  • Social NetworkingFacebook , Twitter
  • Product & Blogging & Niche Communities ( – Product; LiveJournal – Blogging, Nibbledish – Niche)
  • Social News Aggregator –  Digg
  • RSS ReaderGoogle Reader Bloglines
  • Reviews & RecommendationsYelp or Epinions (the granddaddy)
  • Social Q&A Askville or
  • Social SearchSamepoint WhosTalkin BingTwitter Scour My favorite
  • Presentation Sharing SlideShare
  • Social Measuring Technorati
  • Open Source/MashupsAPis, open source – while open source and APIs are not social media, they will enable multi-faceted social media features and capabilities.  Hence, I placed it in here, because it can cross into so many areas, and do so many things. Actually, in some circles, mashups are considered a form of social media.
  • Yet to be DefinedSquidoo Diigo