Why did you buy your learning system?

Why did you buy your learning system? Are you having remorse? Doubt? If so, one of these trends may have caused it.

How to Pick the WRONG Learning System

Too many people pick the wrong Learning System. Here is how to change that. And pick a system you love.

Procurement and the LMS – Friend or Foe?

 Hello from down under, Peter the Koala says hi, which is funny because Mr. Cutie pie Koala could rip your

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When your LMS BFF is no longer

A recent study found that 26% of LMS customers are unhappy with their LMS. I have seen higher numbers as well. The point of it all is that those “retention rates” are really misleading because many people are not happy. It can change.

How to buy the LMS you want

Buying the LMS you want, can be a love affair, if you follow the rules. But if you decide to just wing it, then don’t be surprised to find out that your ideal date turns out to be a frog.

An Inside Peek to the State of the LMS Industry 2014 Report – Includes Top 10 LMSs

Craig Weiss’s debut State of the LMS Industry 2014 report is now available. Read about what is included in the report, learn about the rankings criteria and download a free sample. Includes the top ten systems.

Features that are must haves in any LMS

Besides having a modern and crisp UI, easy navigation and support, the difference between a great system and an average system are the features. But just having the minimal doesn’t cut it.

How to Buy a LMS

Finding and buying a LMS can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing the jargon, deciding whether you want to go it alone or hire a consultant and understanding how vendors think, are essential keys. The question is how will you use those keys.

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