E-Learning Jargon: What you might think it is..well…

As many of you are aware the e-learning world is well known for its jargon.  In turn it is this

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The Latest LMS Insight

Rather than focusing on one specific topic, this week we cover a series of topics on what is happening in the LMS market.

Latest Eight #LMS #Trends

Nine is a magical number. Nine of the latest LMS trends in the market. Along the way, I’ll toss in a few travel trends that I am seeing to and guess what? No need to pay that service fee.

Top 50 LMS Mid Rankings Report – What you need to know

It’s June which means it is either warm where you live or cold. But don’t worry the mid year LMS Top 50 Rankings are just around the corner and here is the insight into the report.

Y R Some Vendors confused about e-learning?

As e-learning grows so come new challenges and issues to resolve. The latest to show up? Lack of e-learning knowledge and expertise. For those that offer it, they tend to hide in the shadows.

Review of #ASTD2014 International Conference and Expo

Despite some major hiccups, the ASTD 2014 International Conference and Exposition was exhausting and intriguing. E-Learning offerings were up and it appeared attendance was too. I strongly recommend having a booth at the event next year, if you are an e-learning vendor.

EL247’s Vendors 2 View Guide @ #ASTD2014

The ASTD2014 show is just around the corner. With over 400 vendor booths out there, it is hard to find out whom to see and check out. Hence my guide. Doesn’t list everyone, but for a quick burst, check these vendors out.

Step right up to the LMS Sideshow

Many people can be swayed with the big names, the big prices and the big ideas that a system isn’t as good unless it is well known. Well, step right up to the LMS Sideshow and be amazed at our info creatures.

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