Latest LMS Directory Plus August rankings (top 10) for LMSs in EE space

The latest LMS directory is here and my top Extended Enterprise Systems rankings for the month of August.

Psst.. You wanna buy some features?

The majority of consumers focus first on features, rather than UI. As such, having the right set of features is important, but I believe having the features that are unique, is what makes a system stand out.

Low Cost LMSs – Yes, u can find one for under 10K

The days of spending over 50K for a nice LMS is a thing of the past. Today solid systems can be found for less than 10K but you will need to make some sacrifices. Most often in robustness of features and a more streamlined approach.

Halftime! LMS trends though July

Sixth months are nearly gone and with that comes a few LMS trends I am seeing in the space.

Answering your LMS Questions

With the power of Linkedin, Quora and other social media sites, people will seek answers on their next LMS. It is inevitable. This blog will help you answer those questions ahead of time, without the spin.

What consumers want in a LMS – can you say WOW?

A huge issue facing the industry is a hubris mentality. They believe that their system doesn’t need a new look because their current customers are not asking for it. Yet beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a new breed of customers are not seeing it in many LMSs.

Now you bought a LMS: Implement, Train and Support

Purchasing a LMS is only the first step in the process. Implementing is the 2nd, followed by training and support.

May Edition: E-Learning News and Notes

Read the latest trends including ILT folks finally admitting that online is the way to go (albeit grudgingly), a new sub-genre has arrived and a trend that is coming into focus.

2011 LMS Award Winners plus a quick note on m-learning

2011 brought about more outstanding systems then in previous years. While there are many systems that could be slotted in for this year’s winners, from a feature standpoint, general ease of use (sans TM), and overall trend watching, these were selected.

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