1. Thanks for the read Craig – I believe you’re on the money. I’m particualrly interested in the app space – funnily enough when we set up The Learning Hook pty ltd (www.learninghook.com.au) – it was mandatory that we had a ‘different website’ – Looking around I was frankly depressed at the time content and LMS providers put into their design – it’s in a way insulting to their audience I think – I found some of my direct competitors had broken pages. In recheckign them recently – still broken!. We of course believe in learning hooks – so the website had to follow! But it’s the LMS with some free and useful content and learning apps that made me smile when reading above. We’re so close to releasing both these products and in the vein you’ve outlined above – I can only hope of course this is the right product for our customers. But great read and links – thanks!

  2. Craig, Explained well from your point of view. Thanks for the quick hits list, I have learned little more. Thanks

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