1. The Dominknow cost you have is per year. Hardly a steal compared to the other one off costs. But definitely a good tool. I rank Storyline as no 1 though for ease of use and and features.

    1. @Beck

      I think what Craig was driving at as the “steal” is that to get everything that comes with Claro you’d have to pay a lot more from competing tools.

      To compare cost as apples to apples your Articulate price would be more like this:

      – Studio or Storyline: $1398
      – Platinum Plan: $559 / yr
      – Real People Library: $599 (and even at that it only has 8 vs our 24 people)
      – In 2+ years another $699 to upgrade (if you didn’t buy the platinum plan)
      – $662 / year for Lectora’s ReviewLink (5-10 courses) so you can have a similar course review feature as Claro (unlimited courses and reviewers) or some other 3rd party tool

      – with support: $1957
      – with People: $2556
      – with Reviewers: $3218

      Yearly Cost: $1258 (platinum plus reviewer feature)
      Total cost over 3 years: $5734 per license

      Now you could argue that all of that is optional and I would agree, but in that case you are not comparing the same value proposition Claro offers. In addition, admittedly it is difficult to peg a dollar amount on some of the intrinsic value Claro offers in savings found through the efficiencies of an online system, central content storage, and reuse capabilities… even if it is only one author. To aid with identifying some of these aspects here’s a link on some of the advantages http://www.dominknow.com/assets/downloads/Claro%20versus%20Desktop%20(0607).pdf

      Plus we do updates every 6-10 weeks, new features and issue resolutions (Articulate typically has done a major update once every 3-5 years). That means that you don’t have to work around a bug or wait for new features to respond to an ever changing set of requirements for 2+ years. Take a look at our release notes archive http://www.dominknow.com/revolution.cfm

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