Exciting news, I tell you. Especially for us fans of HTML5 who knew in our hearts of hearts that it was a superior product to Flash.

Adobe announced today, Nov. 9th, that it is abandoning its work on Flash for mobile devices and instead focusing on mobile development of development of HTML5 for mobile.

This will only empower folks in the e-learning industry who were pro-HTML5 and believed as I do, that it is the better route to go.

We didn’t have to drink the “Steve Jobs Kool-Aid” (as someone commented earlier in the year to me), rather we saw what it was capable of doing and Adobe clearly saw the writing on the wall.

Right now, at m-learning vendor locations around the world, especially in the RCAT space, they should be scheduling meetings and coming up with a new perspective and approach to their products.

For LMS vendors, adding “HTML5 feature sets makes sense – especially if they are adding mobile learning components in their system.  Listen, I was not always a Flash hater, but when I saw HTML5 over a year ago, I knew this was a better solution for the industry, for all of us.

I know there will be Flash lifers, heck their are people today who still prefer 8 track over CDs, but in our industry, those who focused solely on Flash for mobile devices, need to go back to the drawing board and decide what is best for the industry.

For vendors whose products are in the works for HTML5 output (ahem, in beta), perhaps speeding up the process wouldn’t be such a bad idea. True, you want to make sure the product is fully functional before putting it out onto the street, but you better realize that with this announcement, others are going to ramp up production on HTML5 output too.

I know if I was a RCAT vendor I would.

Right now.

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Awesome Example of HTML5

Great example of the Power of HTML5 – Wilderness Adventure  – it is a music video by The Arcade Fire, uses Geolocation and other amazing capabilities – enter in your zip code – you see the action right in your own neighborhood and home. Everything was done in HTML5 including the video. I showed this last year at a conference I was speaking at on HTML5 and e-learning. Please use Chrome, as it does not do justice on IE, FF or Safari.

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