Preference of E-Learning – Structured or not?

Structured learning aka macro content/learning is coming to the e-learning space. The focus should be on preference, not the term itself.

How to build an effective online course

How to create an effective online course, regardless of length. Instructional design for anyone.

Get Em Back – Ur Learners Ur LMS

There are a lot of ways to get learners to return to using the LMS and taking courses. Find out how your usage percentages can exceed your expectations.

70-20-10 : No longer applicable to online learning – and here’s why

70-20-10 was built upon a theory back in the eighties. Many people believe it still applies to online learning. I’m not one of them.

Will the e-learning light finally turn on for all?

The data continues to pour in showing that e-learning is achieving better results than any other form of learning, especially instructor led. So why is is that the training community (and even education) as a whole is still ILT driven, especially with blended learning?

ILT is turning WBT in2 ILT online – its not working

Many of us attend seminars and presentations that are boring, theory based and lack engagement. We sit in the back of the room, not paying attention or sitting by the doors, ready to bolt. Yet, we seem to have no issue with sticking it online, under the guide of effective learning.

Asynch, Synch..And the Winner is?

There are two types of e-learning: Asynchronous Based Learning and Synchronous Based Learning. While one offers full interactivity and true adaptive learning wrapped in a non-linear approach, the other does not. So are they both really WBT? I say no.

E-Learning: An Impossible Dream?

E-Learning’s biggest challenge isn’t from outside, it is from within the training community. We have been led to believe that ILT reigns supreme and as a result, the adoption rates of e-learning are lower than expected. This from an industry (e-learning) that has been existence for more than 12 years.

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