LMS Extended Enterprise Systems

Nowadays there are more extended enterprise systems, but some are not what they truly claim to be. There are specs required to be an EE, and today there are nextgen systems that offer everything from marketing to sales tools in their products.

Latest E-Learning Insight and News

Latest insight on trends in the market and forecasts covering talent management, mobile, extended enterprise, and SaaS. Plus top three open source systems for academia/education and the new LMS demo shop coming to this blog.

Product Review: Mindflash.com

Mindflash.com offers a new set of cool features to compliment its easy to use functionality. While they have added a non-linear navigation approach in their preview window, they fail to continue it in their active mode.

It’s Demo Time

Typically the first thing people do when interested about a system, is to request a demo. You would think this would be a simple and pain free experience. Yet for some vendors, simple doesn’t exist but pain does – and it all comes to you wrapped up in a “chat”.

Award for all awards

Award season is upon us already. The problem is that some organizations give out multiple awards under multiple categories, with multiple winners. As such, it is creating confusion in the marketplace.

LMS Q and A

A lot of people are asking questions when it comes to learning management systems. The questions posted are ones that are rarely asked, but should be, because they can have an impact.

Asynch, Synch..And the Winner is?

There are two types of e-learning: Asynchronous Based Learning and Synchronous Based Learning. While one offers full interactivity and true adaptive learning wrapped in a non-linear approach, the other does not. So are they both really WBT? I say no.

Fast Forward: E-Learning in 2013

With the continued advanced of technology, three new trends will play a huge role in e-learning in 2013. These trends are tied to Augmented Reality, tablets and Digital textbooks. But there are two areas I am worried about – that may impact us – social learning and 3D.

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