Top 15 Learning Management Systems mid-year 2014

Forget what you may read or have heard. Here are my top 15 LMSs for mid year 2014. The list provides some highlights. To gain more insight, view more details and have access to some data you won’t find anywhere else, purchase the report too.

Best of the Best – Top 5 Gamification LMSs

A listing of the top five gamification systems on the market, along with an opportunity to create your own top five games list. Information also about my LMS mid year report, which includes top 3 lists for various verticals, markets and genres, besides the top 50 rankings and profiles.

LMS Administrator How To Guide

Being a LMS administrator is a thankless job. They are the first person people contact when something goes bad and when something goes well, they are often forgotten.

EL247’s Vendors 2 View Guide @ #ASTD2014

The ASTD2014 show is just around the corner. With over 400 vendor booths out there, it is hard to find out whom to see and check out. Hence my guide. Doesn’t list everyone, but for a quick burst, check these vendors out.

Step right up to the LMS Sideshow

Many people can be swayed with the big names, the big prices and the big ideas that a system isn’t as good unless it is well known. Well, step right up to the LMS Sideshow and be amazed at our info creatures.

Five LMS Lists

Everyone loves lists. So, here are five lists focusing on the LMS space. Some will be thought provoking others will be enlightening.

Free Open Source LMSs are like Puzzles

People love to tell you how their free open source system which they build is better than a commercial one. However, they often fail to mention that they have the internal resources to do it OR that if you do not have those resources, building it will end up costing you more (in many cases) than going commercial.

Four Features UR LMS Must HAVE

The latest tracking indicates that there are four features every LMS must include now, but there are also two features that shouldn’t be left out. One just makes sense. The other, soon will be.

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