Wake UP CLO’s – Change Now

After attending numerous shows and hearing from numerous CLOs, regardless of the vertical, I repeatedly see and hear the same

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Best Practices for e-learning and m-learning course building

The biggest challenge I believe facing the LMS/Learning Platform space from a course standpoint and content, is the quality.  It

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Apprenticeships – E-Learning, OJT or Immersive learning?

We need to change our thinking. Apprenticeship to internship. OJT to immersive learning.

Get Em Back – Ur Learners Ur LMS

There are a lot of ways to get learners to return to using the LMS and taking courses. Find out how your usage percentages can exceed your expectations.

Latest Positive Trends In E-Learning

The latest hot trends in the e-learning industry. From deep learning to LMS market size and sales to video and micro-learning

Top Picks for 2016 – E-Learning

Top Picks for e-learning tools, including ones for custom courses, course aggregators and video

The E-Learning Slug Awards

Some solutions, features and companies are not slugs; the move at the right speed or are ahead of the curve. Then there are the others.

ATD ICE 2016 – Post Review

The ATD ICE 2016 show was way better than last year, but it still has a way to go to make is elite. On the other side, some products stood out, others did not.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry

The current state of the authoring tool industry is a mixed bag. Most vendors are missing the mark of what it means to be an authoring tool. That is to be better.

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