Who really wins?

High maintenance? Customer bids? Vendor responses? Who really wins in this real world experience? And does it matter?

E-Learning 24/7 Superhero Reader Edition: LRS Pros/Cons, Course design – what works

Welcome, to another installment of Q&A where readers of the E-Learning 24/7 send me questions via e-mail and I respond

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Here’s an idea to free college: 100% asynchronous based courses (self-paced), yeah e-learning

How many of us have read it, seen it or heard it in the media? College is too expensive, students

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70-20-10 : No longer applicable to online learning – and here’s why

70-20-10 was built upon a theory back in the eighties. Many people believe it still applies to online learning. I’m not one of them.

The Latest: What consumers are seeking; plus video and mobile data

A round-up of the past two months regarding e-learning, LMSs, authoring tools and more. DevLearn Due a recent rib injury,

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What is our role in online learning?

E-learning offers many things to many different people. But there are some people out there who need it the most, but cannot get it – for a multitude of reasons. I believe we need to do something about that. All of us.

Top Six E-Learning Tools for 2015

My top six e-learning tools. Plus a brief commentary on the outdated 70-20-10 approach and informal-formal.

Future Technologies – Get Ready because they could change the way we learn online

Gain insight into the latest technology either in place now are heading our way. Some of it is ideal for e-learning now, others for learning and yes, even a few for maybe.

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