Embrace Training in ED and HigherEd

What if we did away with theory and instead embraced training – for education teachers and university professors? Giving them the skills they need in today’s world.

Top 10 Higher Ed/EDU LMSs for 2017

Here they are – the top 10 LMSs for higher education and education (K-12) for 2017.

Saudi Arabia, E-Learning and What’s Next (the industry)

The e-learning and distance learning conference in Saudi Arabia, brought a whole new perspective on what is taking place with e-learning in the Kingdom. It was enlightening and exciting.

E-Learning in Education – Features on the Rise

Features that go beyond the standards are on the rise, but there are features that have fallen, and that is the real shame, because it implies that not everything is possible, which is something you never say in education.