2020 NexGen T-Grid Learning Systems

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When deciding on how to present my findings and thus the grid, I couldn’t decide, due to a cast on my writing and dominant right hand. 

I contemplated for days on what was best way to present information on a topic that is built upon deep analysis of hundreds of learning systems around the world.

I could write and I couldn’t type so I get the information out flow care I looked at all different types and ways to make it happen.

In the end I decided to do a combination different mechanism for espousing my insight and knowledge on next-generation learning systems in such a way that there existed well both text and visual.

I admit, I’m not sure if the way that I’ve selected is best way, but at this time is the only way.

So without further adieu, I present to you the NexGen T-Grid for 2020, with a combination of dictation text, video and an exclusive town hall, where you, the reader can ask questions, and I will respond.

To sign up for the town hall, which will be December 2, at 12.30 pm EST,  click Town Hall

T-Grid Overall

T-Grid NexGen Tier4 Functionality Sheet –  The findings are heavily based on Tier4.  

PDF Version



T-Grid Specifics – Functionality

Learning Environment, Course Standard

Machine Learning and Playlists

Video Assessment and other items

In depth look at this functionality

Skills Management

Breaking down the Leaders Grid, then the Risers and Steady Grid

Bottom Line

There you have it, the 2020 NexGen Learning Systems T-Grid.  A different approach this year, blog speaking, but enough I hope to provide you with some key data points and takeaways.

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