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Day two.  A blizzard hits the prairie. It’s cold. Too cold?  Oh sorry, I thought this was for my new script, Blizzard hits the prairie.  But it is day two of the Top 50 Learning Systems for 2018.  Received a lot of “thank you” from readers and folks saying they wanted to have the top ten intact.  I hear you. 

No, I mean I read you on your comments.  So, being a very loving and understanding person (don’t laugh), only 11-15 will be presented.  Then on Monday, the Top Ten (1 to 10) in case you are counting.

#15 LearnUpon –  A multi-winner, as in multiple times in the Top 20.  Really a wonderful system. Nice UI and UX. On my 24 point learning environment (as in 24 functions in an LMS), they scored with a 23 (only missing drag and drop dashboard).  For fans of multi-tenant, you can have roles by groups and go granular (ooh, ahh). 

One feature I loved in the compliance section,  learners who achieve CPD credits offline, can upload them into the LMS and combine with those acquired in the system.  That’s something I like.  Content curation and ask an expert/coaching – most features are on their “roadmap”.  Their track record has been good on “roadmap” delivery.   A weakness – deep learning lack therof (although most systems slide into here) and zero on competency management.  Mobile app exists, but no on/off synch. 

#14 Degreed.  Sure the name sounds like something folks earn in higher education, but this is no HE system (and we are thankful for that).  A learning engagement platform that lands as the number two LEP in the LEP market.  Ideal as a bolt-on for any learning system. Has the “Netflix” like appearance, and achieves the LEP standards.   I am a huge fan of the skill rating component, although I feel that it needs one function to really push it further.  Has a lot of content to choose from, including their own.  The “a lot” is a curse and blessing, since and I surmise on this, folks select only X amount and not the whole amount – take a look at cable for example – 400 channels and you watch what? 20?

Social solid. UI and UX is outstanding.  Enables administrators some leeway in what gets weighted in Degreed’s algorithm.  Mobile is good. Analytical data is good – identifies by content what is being consumed, but no immediate click and drill.  Needs better data visualization.

#13 Blackboard Corporate.   They have the HE version as you know and play in the K-12 space, but this for the Corporate which is for the most part the same as the HE version (not ideal IMO, but hey it is not my company).   Under general functionality for “forgetting a password” you have several configurations (a nice option).  UI and UX is good, could be better, especially on the mobile side (needs some enhancements in design). Content curation is good, love that administrators can accept or decline the content (get ready for this – most systems do not include such functionality – I know, huh!). 

Video management and ask and expert mixed.  In my twenty functions for administration, Blackboard scored a perfect twenty.  E-commerce is good.  Multi-tenant. No deep learning though. And in event management no usage of iCal.   They do well in Government and Blackboard for the higher education market is number one for 2018.

#12 Workday Learning.  The kings of “Netflix” like appearance, due to the acquisition of MediaCore a couple of years back, which was a video learning platform.   You must have the Workday HCM to use Workday Learning.  This is essential for the amount of analytical data you can push into the WL and utilize.  Without it, trust me, it is not a good thing. Mobile is strong.  UI and UX is very good.  Excellent in content curation and video management (first vendor to have auto detection for FPS – frames per second on a mobile device).  Ask an Expert is mixed.  Deep Learning is mixed.  No e-commerce, which isn’t a surprise here.  This is a system geared for employees.   Has some LEP functionality.  Not an ecosystem – nor likely to be one (IMO).  Integrations are mixed. 

#11 Create LMS.  Second year in the Top 15.  Lots of potential. Very easy to use system. UI is good, UX is excellent. Mobile is very good includes on/off synch.  Strong in learning environment functionality. 19 of 20 in the administration functionality (drag and drop is the only one missing).  For NextGen functionality – Solid (content curation, ask an expert, video management).  Deep learning is poor.  You can though view VR courses on the system and they are testing AR courses as we speak, err I write. Offers solid on competency management (misses on mastery learning daily task thing – but I have no prob on that),  for folks wondering – yes has a manager and instructor view.  Comes with some content (courses) as part of the system.  Multi-tenant and e-commerce.

Bottom Line

Tune in next week, when we learn the blizzard is still happening.

And yes,

It is still on the prairie.

The final Top ten will be on 2-19.  Who will win? Who will win?  Actually kind of already said, but let’s imagine I didn’t.

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