Debut: My LMS RFP Template – The only one you will ever need again

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Well, it is here.  After 35 years of building. More than decades of research. Talking to the best minds in the land – Einstein, Socrates and others I can’t recall. It is here.

Okay, none of the above is true – except – “it is here” and the experience part (more in a sec.)

As regular readers you all probably know about my philosophy towards RFPs.

But the truth is that they are going to be around for a long time and people love to use them.  That is why I decided to build one that would achieve the following objectives:

  • Easy to use – many of the ones out there are not easy
  • Speed up the process – Who has time today to spend days putting together a RFP and on the flip side from the vendor perspective who has weeks to complete them?
  • Focus on the market today – The RFPs I always see are outdated. The information placed in them in no longer relevant in today’s market. Worse, some of them clearly are written by someone who has no experience or knowledge in e-learning or the LMS industry
  • Streamline – Finding a LMS shouldn’t be something that makes you want to punch the walls. It should be agile.
  • Features – I have included over 300 features – already placed under each category – example: learning environment, administrator area, etc.
  • Pricing calculator – A simple wizard the vendor completes

You said Features?

Yeah, I said it.  One of the biggest challenges in today’s market is the evolution in terms of features. Many people seeking a LMS are unsure what features they need OR what are the latest features to appear in the space.  This template eliminates both challenges.

Okay, got it. So why build it?

Frankly, I got tired of seeing LMS RFP templates that either were built by a LMS vendor and thus some of the features were targeting said vendor, or LMS RFP templates created by people who are not LMS experts, let alone have an extensive experience in e-learning.

What I can guarantee about this LMS RFP template

  • It is geared for anyone – regardless if you are brand new or a seasoned vet in e-learning
  • Uses macros – which means that it saves you time, by making the template responsive based on your entry of information
  • Speed and Efficiency – For everyone – you and the vendor
  • Tabs are easy to understand –  The consumer – you, completes the first two tabs, then part of the feature tab – the vendor completes the rest
  • Easy to use – I know I harp on this a lot – but easy is easy and let’s be honest a lot of LMS RFP templates are not
  • 100% independent – This template is not geared towards anyone – except you

Based on over 13 years experience in the LMS market – as a consumer (i.e. Director of Training, etc.) and as an advisor/consultant – I have been in your shoes before – having to identify and select a LMS at the places I worked at – in multiple verticals and in the following spaces: non-profit, association, corporate (inc. B2B, B2C) and education.

Today, as a consultant – I often am hired by consumers to find their next LMS.

Now – here it is (tada)

I believe that this LMS RFP Template will become your new BFF (Best Friend Forever). Feel free to name it. Maybe “Tempe” or “Roquford Farnsworth Thaddeus”. I’ll leave that up to you.

How to USE this RFP  (a video how to guide)

Benefits of using this LMS RFP (PDF)

The LMS RFP Template (the document listed) – Within the template there is also a link to the how to use (just for future reference)

Couple of notes

When you first open the document you may see the following (it will only appear the first time)


Click “Enable Editing” – Do not worry this file has been tested and is virus free and malware free – in fact every file I post is always virus and malware free


The LMS RFP template uses “Macros”. It will not harm your computer.  Click “Enable Content”

That’s it.  After you start using the template, make sure to save it on your computer.

BUT WAIT!  There’s more: 

As a kick off to my new LMS RFP Template, the following is available from 7-31 to 8-7-13

a. If you decide to hire me to find your next LMS, you will save 10% – a savings of $260.  Contact me to learn more.

b. If you like the LMS RFP template and mention it on your social media channels – you will be entered to win a 45 min. phone call to ask whatever you want to me – an opportunity to pick my brain if you will – A value of $250 – To do the latter, please have a link going to the LMS RFP template and mention Craig Weiss from E-Learning 24/7/ or @diegoinstudio (My Twitter handle – for those who use Twitter). 

Example: Great LMS RFP template to use from Craig Weiss, E-Learning 24/7, (then you have the link to the template here) (you can also include my Twitter handle – if you are pushing this out via Twitter) 

The social media promotion is available to both consumers and vendors.

Bottom Line

I hope you find that this LMS RFP template will achieve your objectives.  It was written for you in mind. Not me nor the LMS vendors.

Just you.

E-Learning 24/7


  1. Craig – thanks for pulling this together. As a vendor who focuses on content development, not LMSs, I can certainly relate to trying to help clients pick an LMS when they have written an LMS RFP that is pretty ill-informed because they just don’t know what they don’t know. In addition to this RFP template, working with an outside consultant such as yourself can be really great for clients too.

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