1. Hello, Craig! You mentioned Zenler Studio twice — 8nd and 19nd place. Which one is correct?

    1. My bad. In my haste to write the blog, I erred. The correct one is Seminar Learning Systems – Seminar Author.. the blog has been updated..thank u for the catch!

  2. Hi Craig,
    How are you coming up with the rankings? I am seeing you say things here about tools which we think we seriously outperform both in features and happy user base. Does this mean you have tried our tool and rejected it, or that it isn’t on your radar? (udutu)

  3. Craig. Thanks for sharing your list and enduring all the comments. One suggestion – please note any products that you test the outputs for Section 508 compliance. I have been interested in some of the tools that you placed high in your list, only not to be able to use them since I mainly develop for large and government clients that have Section 508 requirements. Many of the tools claim some sort of compliance but fall sort when we actually test their outputs.

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