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  • UPDATE – Exclusive:  You read it hear first:TOPYX InteractyxOne of my top five up and coming LMS vendors has added a content authoring tool – embed in their system.
  • You read it here first -Exclusive: SCORM Cloud a potential game changer in the e-learning industry goes live Monday – June 7th.  If you are unaware of this offering or interested in learning more, please read SCORM Cloud Review
  • New section – Coming this summer:  Secret LMS Shopper .  Remember the days of the ol’ secret shopper in the retail industry?  Well, welcome to its next evolution. Every month, I’ll scope out a LMS vendor – see their front end, administration side and everything in between and provide you with a review of the solution, with screen shots (if applicable).  Get the real info!    Who am I? Just another potential customer – heh heh.
  • Exclusives – Learn about it, before anyone else does – here on this blog.  Reviews and information on products before they hit the streets.  Coming in late June:  Mzinga’s newest offering.

E-Learning Must Read Section

I’ve identified some “must read” articles if you are new to this blog or are interested in learning about LMS seats, contracts, SCORM questions to ask your potential vendor plus interoperability issues.  You can find this under my “Top Pages” list on my main blog page.

E-Learning 24/7 Topic – June 10th

  • How to Market your LMS to your Employees – one of the biggest challenges and often forgotten issue when launching your LMS

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