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My Udutu

MyUdutu you will need to create a free account before you can start using the authoring tool.

MyUdutu is the authoring tool that is free, with typical rapid e-learning authoring components but with a unique twist – after completing the course you can either publish live, publish to your LMS – zipped file via a SCORM wrapper or publish to Facebook.  You heard right, Facebook.

This is not an elite solution, but not a lot of rapid e-learning authoring tools are, however it offers simulations which is a nice benefit. Equally cool is a novice can create a course in no time at all, not something you will often find with other rapid e-learning authoring tools.

If you are expecting Raptivity or Captivate go elsewhere, but if you want to have courses published in Facebook with your common authoring capabilities that you would find in many off the shelf authoring tools, including quizzes and WYSIWYG, this is it.

If you place it into Facebook, you cannot tie it back into your LMS; so you would have to use an API and create an extension from your LMS into Facebook for the course(s).  Thus tracking would be an issue.  However, if you choose to use it in combination with Udutu Teach and Udutu Learn, this eliminates that problem, but a new problem arises.

You will now have another set of data from Udutu Teach & Udutu Learn, which can be downloaded as a .csv file into say Excel to generate an additional report.

One way to sidestep this issue, is create a virtual community and offer the Facebook courses as an additional benefit, an expansion of social learning to your end users.

Udutu Teach and Udutu Learn is the LMS which works within Facebook and offers some very basic functionality, due to the limitations that are available within Facebook itself as it relates to a LMS.  The solution uses APIs, so it is possible in the future to expand to other social network sites that enable APIs as well and can work with the LMS framework.

While the solution is intriguing, it is basic and simple. Nothing more.   So, if you are seeking something that can do it all, within the scope of a typical LMS, this isn’t it.  Considering it exists within the social network of Facebook, it shows the possibilities.

At the end of the day, the real winner here is the authoring tool – MyUdutu which offers a new social media twist to authoring courses.

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