Top 5 Up and Coming LMS Providers

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Top 5 up and coming LMS providers

Top 5 Providers

  • Interactyx – Topyx LMS hosted
  • Blatant Media –  Absorb hosted or on your own servers behind your firewall
  • Inquisiq R3 LMS hosted or on your own servers behind your firewall, or can be hosted on any server you select for example, you want it online, but not on Inquisiq’s servers (as a hosted solution), but with an actual server vendor  – can still be implemented, personally the hosted route or behind your firewall (if you must have it on your own servers) is the way to go
  • Upside Learning – Upside LMS –  They offer a hosted  LMS  and one that can sit on your own servers, behind your firewall
  • Outstart Training Edge LMS hosted

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