Free Resources to help

Buying a learning system is not a fun process. It can be challenging, not knowing the ins and outs, what to ask, what to focus on, what to inquire about when seeing a demo.

This is why this area (the sub-menus) will guide you to do just that.

Demo Questions – Identifies the questions you should ask during your demo. What you should provide to the vendor and what you should watch for.

Support – Questions you must ask around support. I see a lot of RFPs from readers, and not one of them asks anything hard hitting around support, except do you offer it, is it free and time availability. The number one reason people hate and leave their learning system is due to support.

Ask these questions, and any vendor who says they do not have the data – frankly isn’t being honest. They all track this data. Support calls cost a vendor money. Trust me, they do not want the overhead.

More “question” areas will be added soon, plus a long awaited term dictionary.