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Heyo!  I know it has been a couple of weeks. Business Travel. Holidays. And yes, work – where does the time go? Just yesterday I was nine, and enjoying school in El Paso.

I want an investigation. Is Woodward around? Boom! Anyway, to pick up where we last were, there is a lot taking place, so before we dive into this week’s post, here is info on

FindAnLMS – is ALIVE

First, is now Live! 

We had a great online party last night, steaks, balloon toys for the kiddos, my dogs dressed up – Voodoo looked smashing in his black tax with coat tails, err his tail.  Cali (another of my dogs) jumped into the punch bowl, she thought it was a baby pool, and thus the fun came to an end.

Factoids of FindAnLMS

  • As noted you can schedule demos, send RFPs/use cases to vendors in the system (those who have prem accounts)
  • You can contact vendors directly thru FindAnLMS – watch videos, download/read case studies, whitepapers and much more
  • You can use a wealth of filters (the list is below – and when listed, identify those that offer drill-down)
  • The information you see is “real-time”. Our data is the latest, and thus the fresh – just like a farmers market.
  • We will be constantly adding vendors
  • If you do find a system or systems in Findanlms, I ask that you let them know you found them via findanlms – by doing so, it will continue with my goal of a collaborative and enriching experience.  
  • This is a new app and as such, there will be a bug or two – if you find them, let me know – here. And let me know what is the bug – screenshot and/or video is quite helpful. 

Okay, so you are starting to explore looking for a learning system.  Even though the name says find an LMS, there are learning platforms, training management operation systems, Performance management with learning as a component systems, micro-learning platforms, LMSs, Learning Engagement Platforms/LXP, in there as well. 

Who is in as of Sept. 10, 2018 (morning)


  • eLogic Learning (#1 2018), Growth Engineering (#3 of 2018) , Unicorn LMS (#4), CrossKnowledge (#5), SumTotal (#9) Learn, Cornerstone Learning Suite (#10)
  • Schoox, NetDimensions, OnPoint Digital, GyrusAim Learning Cloud, Melon LMS, MATRIX (Top50 2018), elasticLearning,  glo-enterprise (Top20 2018), Agylia (Top20 2018), LearnUpon (Top20 2018)
  • Spoke (Top50 2018), Kallidus (Top50), Accord LMS (Top50), eNet Learn, IMC Learning Suite, Abara LMS, dialogEDU, Feathercap, Percolate LMS
  • Talent LMS (Top 50), LMS365 (Top50), Tesello (Top20), GeoTalent, Roundtable Learning, webanywhere (sells Totara Learn)
  • CD2 Learning (Top 50), Biz Library, Kokm, springest go, Learnosphere, UpsideLMS


  • eXact Learning (Top50)

Micro-Learning Platform

  • EdApp

Hybrid LMS and LEP

  • OnPoint Learning and Performance Suite

Learning Engagement Platforms (LEP/LXP)

  • Percipio by Skillsoft, EdCast, me:time, 360Learning, Coorpacademy, Filtered, Triboo, myQuest, Learn Amp (Top 10 2018)

Training Management Operations

  • Training Orchestra, accessplanit

Performance Management/TM with Learning as a component and in the platform (comes with it, not as a mod)

  • PeopleFluent

Who is coming this week (as of this writing, we anticipate more..)

  • BrainCert, Administrate, SCORM Cloud, Litmos by SAP, looop, GamEffective, Docebo

Filters (select as many or as few as you want)

  • Learning Environment – will drill-downs
  • Administration functions – lots to choose from, most requested, standards too
  • Competency management
  • Certification management
  • Built-in authoring tool and ability to upload 3rd party authoring tool content
  • Course standards (AICC, SCORM, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 3rd edition, xAPI)
  • Classroom management
  • Compliance and Regulatory
  • Event management – calendar and waitlist
  • Deep learning (next term after machine learning, but think machine learning – AI)
  • Content Curation
  • Gamification
  • Course/Content marketplace
  • Learning Record Store
  • Reporting – drill downs include ad-hoc and custom filters
  • Video management includes auto FPS detection and video streaming
  • Notifications
  • Social with drill-downs
  • Built-in assessment tool
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile with drill downs including KRT, on/off synch, iOS and Android for app
  • Integrations – HRIS/ERP/Salesforce/SharePoint, etc.
  • Languages – with drill-down
  • SSO (Single Sign-on)
  • Security
  • Multi-Tenant and ability to skin each tenant/portal
  • Modern UI/UX

Plus Top 50, Top 20, Top 10 too (based on 2018 rankings)

Truly a global platform

Vendors in the launch are from the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Italy, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel and Switzerland

Systems represent all markets – from small business to global enterprise. From education to transportation services.  Seeking B2B?  You will find them.  B2C? Yep. Employees and customers or employees only? Yep and Yep.

Here is what I recommend for those wishing to start

a. Follow the Tutorial here

b. Register, Activate your link in your e-mail, and login

c. Go to LMS Catalog and begin  – do a comparison or too, reach out and schedule demos – send some initial inquiries out to a few vendors. 

My main goal is to provide a place whereas you can find everything you need to do an independent analysis, robust in every way, and less time consuming than a usual search and exploration.   We will be adding more capabilities and enhancements as we move along.

Giveaway, Did someone say Giveaway?

Oh yeah.  To enter the FindAnLMS kickoff drawing

a. Register to use the system – Log in and start searching

b. Post on social media that you are using to find your next LMS, LEP, etc.  -include .@diegoinstudio and hashtag #findamlms 

That’s it.  The drawing runs from Sept. 10th thru Sept. 28th. Winners announced Oct. 1st by e-mail (three folks).  If you have already registered (pre-Sept 10th), just push out via social media and you will be entered.

What you can win (random drawing)

  • An Echo Smart Speaker (Gen 2)  – one winner
  • An Echo Dot (Gen 2) – one winner
  • A  23.8″ to 24″ HD Monitor – one winner

So, register today at, start your search and tag us in social media on how you are using FindAnLMS to find your next learning system.@diegoinstudio #findnalms

Promo Over Back to the Post

Before diving into the latest trends, one big item to recognize is that the learning system space is not at mature.  I know folks think well it has been around for a couple of decades, but I can state that the size of the market is expanding considerably year to year, with no slow down. 

In the Learning System space, LMS makes up the largest segment, LEP/LXP are number two and learning platforms are number three.  Tiny segments are sales enablement platforms with training being a component and training management operations systems.    Performance Management where learning is a component (these are systems whose primary is PM and is noted as such or TM and noted as such), makes up number four.  

I have micro-learning platforms in the learning platform segment, since in honesty, any system can do micro-learning, and have been able to since the late 90’s, so this is more marketing spin then anything else.  

The reason for bringing up the learning system market and where it is at this stage, plays an important role in why certain trends are showing up in terms of functionality.  With some the standards starting to be phased out by vendors while others are starting to gain momentum.

This is clearly visible and demonstrated in many systems that are in  – which is how this post is tied, in case you were wondering – and admit it – you were wondering! 

What the Trends are saying

Let’s first take a dive at some items I see as positives

Rise of xAPI

More vendors in the learning system space are adding xAPI, than in the past. The trend line is finally going up after a long period of flat and a couple of bumps.  In FindAnLMS you can clearly see this being noted.  

And another trend you will see in the system, which I am equally seeing in the learning system space as a whole, the elimination of AICC by vendors.

First, I am overjoyed by this – as I have felt AICC has gone past its shelf life and should be put out to pasture. The one bummer is for folks whose content libraries are heavy on the AICC and light on other course standards. With more vendors moving away from AICC, placing that AICC content in any type of learning system is going to become more of a challenge as the years go by. 

SaaS Rules

Learning systems as a whole have been pro-SaaS compared to any other type of product/solution in the e-learning space, but what makes this trend err twist of the trend are the number of vendors who are SaaS only. Which means, no self-host available, period.   I expect this trend to continue upwards. 

Mobile Functionality Expansion

Big upticks in auto FPS – which is where the app and/or the system can auto-detect your bandwidth speed and thus show you the video with the best frames per second and pixel quality that your smartphone or tablet or other type of mobile device can handle – without freezes or delays.   To me this should be a yes with every system in the market, especially with on/off synch and a native app.

Increase in on/off synch app.  I never understood why vendors wouldn’t want this function, when each one of those folks have experienced data connection errors, expensive data charges themselves.  Anyway, it is seeing an uptick and again in FindAnLMS you see it too.

Yet there are still a lot of vendors in the learning system space who do not have native apps – which would be fine if they had PWA instead, but they do not have that either.  I’m lost here on this approach.   That said, the majority of vendors who do have a native app have it appear in both iOS and Android.   And yes, I’ve seen a few that are not in iOS, just as I have seen not in Android. 

Content Curation and Video Streaming

Like Chicken Brains and Ketchup (a delicacy I guess, I find it disgusting).  Or like Ham and Eggs.  If your vendor offers content curation it is highly likely they include video streaming. And the trendlines show that to be the case.  The amount of content they offer will vary, and whether it is free or fee-base will vary.  Expect to see more vendors expand their content offerings to counter the LEP/LXPs…

LEP/LXP matching LMS functionality in some areas

To show just how fast the LEP market is expanding, more vendors today, than even a year ago are adding more administration and learning environment functionality to the point that it matches many in the space (as a whole).  There are a couple of differentials including inability to batch upload courses (this is in an LEP) and lack of learning plan can be assigned by job role, department (LEP as a whole).

Another area that is a differentiator again as a whole in learning environment, some LEPs offer it, but not across the board – individualized learning plan and course catalog can be seen on the same screen (this is a feature in learning environment).

A concern I have with the LEPs doing more as an LMS, is that their focus at least target of the market are L&D folks who have an LMS.   I often ask why do you want to be part of 1,000 plus space, when you can be a bigger fish in a smaller market – vendor wise?  I’d be adding more functionality in my market segment than trying to do or match what others in the LMS space are doing. 

But anyway, the trend shows that LEPs (again as a whole) functionality wise, especially in administration and learning environment catching up and matching in some areas. 

This isn’t the case across the board.  There are LEPs that do not accept any course standards, so uh, you are not uploading that SCORM course. Some do not have any types of notifications beyond e-mail initial notification. Many lack competency management functionality (that you would see in an LMS and other types of learning systems that target L&D and/or Training).  E-comm is mixed, some offer it, but lack subscription bundling, others have bundling, but lack this and that.

Social is in a stagnation period – as usual but there are a blip or two, one of which are social playlists (a filter to be added in FindAnLMS come Dec.).  Social Playlists – early indicators show this as a feature that will go upwards in 2019, for all types of learning systems.


Gamification stagnation.  It is getting bad out there.  No new innovations. Social and Gamification tied to content curation seems like a no-brainer, except it is though A.B. Normal was selected instead.  Baffling.   I recall one system years ago, having teams – as in folks in the company where placed on teams for gamification purposes tied to learning.  They had a big competition at the end of the year.  I thought that was an interesting take, but was unsure could it cross over to corporate, they did it for education.

But if you are playing many online games these days via mobile, you will see people joining teams to compete against one another, so solo is acceptable, but folks like to be on a team.  So not only is it individual gamification, but team from the sake of a “team” of learning with players being your end users. 

Reward stores seem to have a brick wall.  They are stagnating the worst way.  Folks like them, but vendors are not adopting as fast as they should – which correlates tightly to stagnation with gamification.

Thank you for playing, now exit stage right

Chat Room.  This is one feature in social that is starting to be seen less and less. Vendors are dropping it.  It is a simple as that.  The reason I believe is that folks are using comments more and more with various functions and the fact that most consumers are no longer using chat in their day to day lives.  Chat comes as a messenger, not people sitting in an AOL chat room. 

Another one that is dragging, are RSS feeds.  But, Chat I surmise is heading towards the extinction line by 2020, maybe a few Dodos will be around, but not that many. 

Everyone has it

You won’t find “mobile responsive” as a filter in FindAnLMS, because well, everyone can do it.  All mobile responsive means is that you can view the system in your mobile device. It doesn’t mean it is better, higher quality, looks nice and tight – just means you can view it.

Nor do you see micro-learning, because again, everyone can do it.  Just most folks are unaware because many vendors do not mention it, because they know everyone can do it, but those who do mention it, come off to many as the only ones who do it.

Bottom Line

Those are some of trends that are not only appearing in the learning system space, but equally with vendors in FindAnLMS.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the trends.

One of which, I hope is seeing you in FindAnLMS.

And using it to find your next learning system

Whatever it may be.

E-Learning 24/7

– I will be tweeting live and posting Linkedin updates from HRTech.  With a special blog post this weekend, covering HRTech. 


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