Free Resources during Pandemic

The vendors below are offering either free content, free use of their system, free use of their authoring tool and/or a discount during this challenging time.

This page will be updated on a daily basis, so check back.  This is for EdTech, Corporate, and Government.

Categories are – Content, System(s), Authoring Tools, Other

The name of the vendor will be first (with a link to their sign up page or wherever you need to go) followed by what they are offering and then any additional information.  If you have any questions regarding what they are providing, please contact the vendor directly.

If you are a vendor and wish to be a part of this e-learning initiative, please contact me at [email protected] (yes .co). 


Open Sesame – (UPDATE)  30 free courses covering a variety of topics including remote working, managing remote working, stress management and more.  The offer is through May 15, 2020 and is available to anyone, not just customers. When you click their name, it takes you to their sign-up page. Open Sesame content is outstanding. 

Skill Pill – Offering six skill packs to anyone.  The Packs cover “Remote Working, Effective Virtual Meetings, Writing Effective E-mails and more”. Skill Pill content contains not just micro-learning content but also workbooks, cards and similar.  The content is fantastic.  Skill Pill does not collect any data whatsoever.

ej4Content covers COVID19 and Pandemic Planning.  You can view the video(s) or if you wish you can download the SCORM or AICC file to use in your learning system.

THRIVE Nine micro-learning courses.  Topics include Working Collaboratively at home, Instant Messaging, Staying Productive and more.

SAP LitmosFree training content, over 30 courses.  Content includes leadership, working from home, mental wellness and more.

CornerstoneFree online public learning platform, which comes with a series of playlists and free content within.  Including the latest details about COVID-19, from trusted sources, along with materials about how to stay productive, connected and positive in this new world of work.

Biz LibraryFive free courses covering epidemic preparedness and working remotely.

Biz LibraryFree content covering Cybersecurity

Growth Engineering – Two free micro-learning courses. One is on COVID-19, the other on working remotely. 

Agylia – Has released a series (six at present with more to follow) of video guides to help anyone caring for or supporting their family, friends, neighbors during the pandemic.

SkillsoftFree access to their Business Continuity Learning Center.  Some of the content is from MIT Sloan.  

CrossKnowledgeSeveral free training programs with resources

Salalem Learning  Free access/usage to Coronavirus crisis awareness and support package, which consists of four courses, one of which provides information from the World Health Organization.  Please note the content is available in English and Arabic. Please Contact Hashem to start.  His e-mail is tied to the name of the Salalem. 

Tesseract LearningThey just added another series of courses on Business Continuity and Working Remote.


Instilled LXP – Is offering free access to the system for 90 days (three months).  Instilled is one of my top three LXPs for 2020-21.  They are in my Top 50 learning systems for 2020.

KREDO Microlearning Platform –  Tesseract Learning is providing free 90-day access to their Microlearning platform, KREDO along with bundle of pre-built courses on Communication skills, Time Management, Information Security and Active Listening for free. 

NEOOffering a free system to schools that do not exceed 400 end users. 

Juno Journey – Free use of their LXP for teams.  (Admin functionality not available)

Fuse School Hundreds of bite-size GCSE videos covering biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics (available only to schools – teachers and parents)

Annoto – Turns passive video content into social driven and engaging content. Free for three months.  Ideal for education, and higher education.

EdCastFree access and usage for Spark LMS.  Access is available only to small businesses and non-profit. To start simply click the red button “Join Now”. 

JollyDeck– Free access and usage to their system and services.

Beekest – Free three months to their starter service

Authoring Tool(s)

Knowbly– Is offering course creation and conversion for free  (incl. PPTs), when you sign up for a free trial.  They are also offering a significant discount if you decide during your free trial to upgrade to paid. 

SaaS authoring tool ranked in my Top 5 authoring tools for 2020.  Great for beginners with enough oomph for instructional designers. 

How Too 14-day subscriptions to How Too, with unlimited access and unlimited distribution.

Giide60 days of unlimited Giide making and publishing. If you need to reach them, scroll all the way down the page and you will see “Contact Us”.  The product though is via a mobile app. 

Lectora OnlineFree course creation through June 30, 2020.  This is available only for schools, i.e. education. 

dominKnowOne year free teams license for medical institutions or public education institutions. 


FindanLMSReceive a 30-minute analyst call from Craig Weiss, after you register and login to FindAnLMS.  Or if you have already registered and used the platform, Craig will provide you with recommendations of systems that meet your needs and requirements.