The AI Guide – R U Asking the Right Questions?

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The AI Guide – Asking the right questions – to vendors or even internally

  • The Questions to Ask your Learning System, Learning Technology, HCM, HRIS, and whatever other solution you want to buy that pitches AI.
  • The difference between machine learning and Gen-AI
  • ChatGPT and your employees, students, members, customers, and the person down the street who refuses to wave to you, but you find out, is on that committee at your business that is deciding on whether ChatGPT can be contained. Oh, and they never buy candy bars from your kid to raise funds for their school. Cheapie!
  • Those data sets – Private vs. Public – A lot of companies believe Private Gen-AI, will eliminate all hallucinations – Sorry, to say – you are wrong.
  • The probability that a vendor built their own LLM (and did not use a 100% open source freebie OR open source but you pay – uh they do) is low. Building your own LLM from scratch is extremely expensive, with no guarantee it will work. Let’s take for example. They use the GPT Model, as I recall GPT-4 (now referred to as ChatGPT Plus). In the learning system space, the vendors who have added Gen-AI, overwhelmingly are using the LLMs from OpenAI – specifically the GPT Models. ChatGPT is free it uses GPT 3.5 – very affordable compared to GPT Plus which is very expensive.
  • To date, again with our industry, corporate-wise, I have yet to find a vendor who is using another LLM, besides the one from OpenAI or the Azure one – which is the OpenAI one – GPT models. Even though, the majority of vendors in our industry are on AWS (Amazon). This to me is odd, because Falcon LLM is intriguing, Claude2 can do way more than ChatGPT – and it is also 100% free, Cohere – is totally Enterprise focused, and I could go on.
  • I’ve written about the Token data fees, and why there are vendors who clearly don’t want to pay those fees – it gets really pricey, and thus, try to skirt – This will be a question to ask BTW. Here is the info about Token data fees and why Token data is so relevant.
  • ChatGPT data set is from 2021. It is public — as in via the web, but only through 2021. Thus any information you might seek that is say current, won’t be there.
  • Claude2 is from 2022, although surprisingly it was able to produce information around an Apple release in Feb 2023.

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