E-Learning Vendor Services

Let’s face facts: every supplier/vendor has different needs, objectives and goals. What you may need one month can change to the next. Perhaps you need digital marketing guidance, niche verticals strategy and a competitive analysis all within two months, but you do not have the capital to pay per project.

While many consulting firms focus on memberships or per project approach, we don’t. We are more than a consulting firm, we are an advisory and analyst company.

We may be small in size, but our reputation and information are sought out by consumers – the same consumers who will/are your buyers.  

Did you know that some folks from the e-learning consulting firms and research firms  follow us on Twitter, read the E-Learning 24/7 blog and follow our updates on Linkedin?  

Craig Weiss, the CEO and the primary person in our firm – and the person who would be your advisor, has been listed as one of the top five movers and shakers in the world for e-learning.  

Who in the other e-learning consulting firms has been listed in the top five, let alone top ten in the world? Not a single person. 

What we provide to every vendor customer

  • Unlimited services – choose as many as you want each month
  • No per project fee
  • Business Intelligence at no additional cost
  • Worldwide expertise


  • Lead Gen – increasing your revenue, attracting new customers 
  • Strategic planning
  • Market penetration analysis
  • New markets
  • Emerging markets – identifying the appropriate markets to target
  • Niche verticals
  • Strategic partnerships/ re-sellers


  • Marcomm and messaging
  • Marketing review, analysis and recommendations
  • Strategy (U.S., Global)
  • Web site analysis & recommendations – your brand, your solution – you have 30 seconds to retain their interest. Are you?
  • Brand management 
  • Digital marketing
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Content management 
  • Mobile marketing
  • Video marketing 
  • Social Media (Craig holds an Advanced Social Media Marketing Certificate from the eMarketing Association)

Products & Services

  • Product assessment, analysis & recommendations
  • Usability, user interface
  • Consumer behavior trends and projections, what is next in the industry
  • Product trends, features – know the market before your competitor does

Competitive Analysis

  • Analysis of current and potential new competitors
  • Foreign and domestic markets, verticals
  • Business intelligence

Merger & Acquisitions

  • Work with you and your team to identify potential firms to acquire or merge
  • Act as an intermediary


  • Choose the topic or topics of interest
  • Detailed analysis, data driven findings. Specific recommendations for short and long term


  • Right to the Point, with information you can use immediately to boost sales, generate profit, expand offerings, reduce costs and cut losses

A sample of our track record 

  • One client saw a sales increase of 62%
  • Multiple clients saw an increase in lead gen by over 250% and a huge boost in sales in less than six months 
  • We have not only international expertise, but clients located all over the world – For example, in our trends we projected one year ago that Africa was going to be the next hot market – today, it is.  We also forecasted nearly 2.5 years ago that Australia would be hot. Guess what? It still is. 

Ready to learn more?  Contact us at craig.weiss@elearning247.co

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