Customer Excellence Pledge – Vendors

Here are the vendors who have signed the Customer Excellence Pledge. This list will be updated as warranted.

This will not happen overnight, but if we (you and I) do not stand up and say enough, nothing will change. These vendors have gone above and beyond, with a level and data validation to back it. Words mean nothing. Action means everything.

Some information, on why I did this, etc.

There have been some folks who believe I have some ulterior motive for attempting to do this.

1. I have none. I was tired of seeing an industry, that espouses repeatedly elite support/service, and great. Publishing NPS, as validation. There are vendors out there who privately acknowledge their support is awful, all the while saying publicly it is strong.

2. Some has to try it, why not me? I’ve never been someone who just goes with the “flow”.

3. I am not doing this for $$$$, nor exposure. I am not charging vendors a fee, or demanding one. My name is on there, simply to identify that I stand behind it.

4. Am I pushing vendors hard to sign up? Absolutely. Each time, they rave out their support, I’ll respond back about why are they not signing the pledge.

5. Will it change the weighting for my rankings and awards for 2021 and 2022? Absolutely. The rankings always included support as a key component. With the new rankings/awards, it takes it up additional weight. Support is why ppl leave systems. It is that important.

6. Are there vendors who have received multiple requests and demurred? Yes. Disappointing to be quite honest, because I know that push the strong support angle in marketing and sales pitches.

Public support will get these vendors to act. We need to do this together.

Vendors always say they listen to their clients. Well, here is your chance to tell them “listen and sign.”