Customer Education Sites

I haven’t found a site where it lists every customer education web page for various products and services. As a former director of training (many moons ago) who developed successful and profitable customer training (now referred to as customer education) programs, having a resource such as this would have been invaluable, because so many prospects (considering your product/service) or even customers are unaware that their recent purchase or one of consideration offers e-learning content.

I hope to change the “unknown” and present sites from the folks who make these products and services, regardless if the content is free or not, or only articles/videos versus e-learning courses or vILT.

What you won’t find here is YouTube or Coursera or Udemey or any other site similar. This will be a list of companies, businesses who offer online learning or online content for their customers.

Please note, that there are no affiliate links here, no money changing hands whatsoever.

Tip: If you are a company, organization etc. that offers customer education content, regardless if free or not, and want to be on this list, please contact me.

The list will be on-going.

Nikon School Online – For camera buyers. Fee-based. They also offer free content with this site.

Canon Learn – Free content – consists of videos, articles and simulators (you need to click “Learn” on the header and then select the option. Also offers on-site “live” walkabouts – may or may not charge a fee.

Hubspot Academy – Free online learning courses, including certifications. Wide variety of selections and experience levels.

Techsmith Academy – Free online learning courses – appears to be videos.

Cadence Training – Online learning courses, vILT and ILT. No mention on whether it is free or fee-based

AVID For Educators, offers two DigitalXP or ElevateXP, fee-based. 

Appian Community Online Learning, vILT, ILT, Private hands-on.  No mention on free or fee, but my guess is that Private is definitely fee-based. 

DocuSign University For their partners only. Partners receive free online learning courses. Other types of courses are fee-based. 

OnshapeFor professional engineers and designers who use Onshape.  Online learning, ILT, video content. Certifications too.  Some content is free, but they offer an ‘upgrade’ of fee-based. 

Intuit Quickbooks Training Online learning courses, ILT, vILT – fee-based.   They also offer free videos, located here  – Free video tutorials. 

Shopify CompassFree online learning courses, video tutorials, vILT, articles and more.