LMS RFP Template – Latest Version

LMS RFP Template100% free to use and share! 

NEW FEATURES – BRAND NEW VERSION MAY 2016. Tested. No malware or viruses.

  • Data Migration Questions
  • More e-commerce features
  • Additional features in several areas 

I recommend that you request screen shots from each vendor you send out an RFI too!

When you use the RFI, please follow these steps to ensure that the vendors complete it correctly. 

  1. Have them “enable macros” and “enable content” when they see the notice on the top of the spreadsheet.  If they do not do this, they will have problems entering their responses. 
  2. Have them save the RFI using a new name. For example:  VendorD.xlsm If they do not have the latest version of Excel, they can save it as an XLS file.  Regardless to use the macros in the spreadsheet, it must be saved as .xlsm

For you:

  1. Download the file first. Do not open it in your browser. 
  2. Save it as another name, rather than its current name. 
  3. Do not password protect it as the vendor will not be able to view and add information
  4. If you have any issues with the template, please contact me



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