LXP Buying? It isn’t so crystal clear..

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If your focus is having lots of skills and capabilities tied to content and job roles – then you could find that in an LXP or some LMSs, depending on the vendor. Let’s say you are looking at either an LXP or an LMS with an LXP in it, Or an Employee Development Platform with an LXP in it (EDP is really a learning platform). You thought about a skills-specific platform but realized you want more (common, BTW).

Personally, to me, it is always about the metrics. What is the relevancy if you have basic data about what content is viewed often, if you have assigned learning OR if the person bounced in for a second? That tells you nothing. You want the details. How many courses/content did folks view – for how long, and where exactly (if the content has a TOC, a vendor should offer that ability to dive deep, but most no longer do). What content is the most popular is ideal, but if you are assigning it, guess what – it is assigned stuff. I would want to know what types of content are curated the most, what is the least popular content being used, AND an ability o go further than a top 10 – with a filter to remove assigned as an option. Remove assigned; then those numbers should look different. If we are talking about engagement as the core here, excuse me, anti-learning style folks, I would want to know what types of content are engaged. PDF? Video? Audio/Podcast? An actual course – in some format that isn’t one of the other options. Maybe they prefer ebooks. The reason such data is relevant when we are discussing engagement is that if a system offered such a feature (and honestly, they all should, but they don’t), I would know what content should be offered to that learner(s) that will achieve the highest amount of engagement. Then if I knew by subject/topic, I could combine the two and get a deeper understanding of what is important to that individual.

  • Minute Video duration
  • Courses on WLB from Vendor X
  • Courses on Communication Workplace with Gen-Z.

Here is the engagement at the highest level.

  • Skills. Skills and more Skill capabilities – It doesn’t mean they are good, just means they have enough that separates them from others. (in the whole LXP side)
  • Content Curation – Public which means from the internet and private which means your content, or 3rd party or ideally the combo of the two
  • Job Roles tied to content and skills

Once you know what you really want for your learners, what is really the most important and essential around it, then the rest of the way, should bounce back to that. This isn’t a give and take. Either you know – or you don’t.

If it’s the former, you will have an advantage and should be able to make the right decision.

If it’s the latter…

Then now is the time to sit down and figure it out. And so now, before you get really going down a path that will end up not in a positive learning way – for you and your learners.