Did you know? Learning Systems Vol 3

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There are a lot of did you knows that could would take a massive tome to write. I’ll hold back on those, because there will be a “Did you Know?” Vol 4. This one is Volume 3. Volume 2 exists here. In researching past posts of Did you Know? I found the very first one I wrote – in 2013. This is Volume 1.

It is essential do know why WBT was created and what are the benefits for it. Remote learning a term I truly despise – and no surprise is refers to EdTech – which again, a lot of vendors content included think educational technology refers to corporate learning. It doesn’t. Please read this again – It doesn’t. It means K-12 and higher education. And here is the kicker – it always has.

What you need to do:

  • Request that they explain in details on how they will accomplish it
  • Have them create mock-ups or screens on the approach and method – seeing is believing
  • Ask if it will be an additional fee and if it will require a 3rd party dev team to do it – and will the vendor oversee this – i.e. the team, with checks and followups? The additional fee is common.
  • If they say that another client did the exact same thing – ask to speak either to the client or for the vendor to show you how it looked. I prefer talking to the client. If the vendor declines, ask them who the client is – and then on your own go to LinkedIn and search people for that company. You will find that person. They reach out via message. I’ve never had someone decline.