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And now…WOLC 2016 Review

Now that we are back to our weekly blog posts (okay, starting this week), it is time to catch up. Here is my report from World of Learning Conference (where I was presenting in Birmingham, UK).


World of Learning Conference continues to deliver winning results. Why LMS vendors and authoring tool ones for that matter, do not come in droves to this conference is mystifying to me. 

Each time I attend there are a lot of decision makers rumbling around seeking out vendors, wanting to start communication and scheduling demos, meetings, etc.   Sure there were some LMS vendors there, but sheesh, there should have been a lot more.  And authoring tool vendors?  Please.


I do find this as important.  It is hard enough finding the vendors whom you want to talk to or look at their booths. 

Toss in lots of humans doing the same thing it can get taxing. Add poor space design and it gets worse. Especially, when you have dunderheads who stop in the middle of the rows to start a conversation as though they are the only ones there. 

There are other shows, ATD comes to my mind right away that does a good job of row spacing. Learning Tech in the UK does an awful job. 


On the plus side, there wasn’t that dumb BINGO thing folks walk around and get vendors to stamp (some of which just leave the stamp there) for a shot at winning something.  For those who don’t win – free spam for a year!


Again, vendors do not do this – in terms of a short, tight quick reference card if you will.  Which is funny, since the folks attending are training, L&D people, with some HR.  L&D, training people create QRCs all the time.

The Floor – Vendor wise

Learning heroes were wearing yellow capes and had blue eye covering masks.  Then, get this – they did a flash mob to some song about heroes, which I forgot already.  Not really a flash mob per se, but they did start the routine on the floor and it included a person in the air held up by a team member.  

When it was done, they stood there. So, yeah, probably not a flash mob in the true sense of the words, but hey, definitely outstanding.  Worth at least a couple of coins.

For folks who have never attended a show where eLearning Brothers are at – they wear orange shirts – lots of people in their booth – okay all of them wear orange shirts.  Well, E-Learning Heroes had a guy dressed up in a muscle superhero costume.  Well, played sir. Well, played.

Back to the stuff

The Winners

There were some vendors whose products stood out to me.  After I announce the nominees, the winner. 

Nominees (drum roll..)

And the winner is

Applio – Congrats!  Congrats!  Now they never actually pronounced their name to me, so it could be APP-LEE-O (which is how I would enunciate it), or something else.  I hope it is the former, because well, I just did.

Fun Final Facts or not so fun, you choose!

Bottom Line

Overall, WOLC is a fantastic conference.  I always enjoy speaking there and attending the show.

If you are around the UK next year or planning on being,

Attend WOLC.

Just be on the lookout for “successful show.”

You’ll find it.

In Birmingham.

England that is.

E-Learning 24/7

Next week: My final Top 10 Authoring Tools for 2016 (grab your kazoos)


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