1. Thanks for the top 10 Craig – in the ‘spirit’ ;o) of the theme… our spooky “Risk Towers” was built in Storyline, happy to share with your community to show how our team uses it (link below). The course is on Risk Management and is set in a fictional building called ‘Risk Towers’ where learners discover what they need to know about risk management. We’ve spent a lot of time on the graphics and sound to make it more immersive – hopefully this has paid off but we’d love to hear your thoughts!


    1. Thanks for sharing your Risk Management course. I love it! I do enjoy the sound effects and overall feel – it was worth the effort 🙂

      My colleagues at SweetRush have been pushing the boundaries of Storyline too. Recently, we designed a 3D interactive tire shop for a major tire distributor in order to educate on products and selling techniques. Not only is the environment immersive, but can be viewed on the desktop and the iPad as well.

      -Catherine Davis, ID Practice Lead for SweetRush

  2. Hello Craig,
    I am always very fond of your posts.
    I have to confess I am surprised not to see Composica Enterprise anymore in your top ten tools since the HTML5 output that came out with the V6 is very good?
    Any explanation for that?

    Best regards,

    Mathieu HEIDSIECK
    Responsable de Business Unit
    Tel : +33 1 55 70 28 28
    Mob : +33 6 84 33 04 64

    1. I felt it hasn’t really done anything and lastly, I wasn’t impressed with the product. The UI can be way better. There are just better products out there.

  3. This list is helpful, especially the features of each. However, one huge omission is any discussion of pricing for these 10. For instance, I went to the Claro website and saw more about their great features, however, the basic membership is $997 per user, per year and that doesn’t even get you HTML5 output! Their other membership is a hefty $2497/user/year! Ouch! All the great features in the world aren’t any good if you can’t afford it. It would be nice to see a list based on value along with features.

  4. The Articulate Mobile Player being only Tin Can compliant (not Scorm 1.2) has been problematic for me.

  5. Oh wow, this is the first time I am reading about Claro – I am definitely going to check it out for some upcoming projects!

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