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Moodle: Pros, Challenges

I want to make something very clear – Moodle and other open source LMSs, Learning Portals, CMSs, etc. are NOT out of the box solutions. They are not turnkey.  This is extremely crucial and important.  You must customize.

Moodle:  Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

Much has been written about the pros and cons of Moodle. I will identify the highlights.



Evil Realities of Moodle – Tech Demons

The biggest challenge you will face with Moodle, and in many cases with open source LMS/LCMS solutions is that you need to have strong technical skills. Having a skill set of using the Net, MS Office, Articulate, etc., will not work.

You will need skill sets that would include programming – javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, perhaps Ruby on Rails, .PHP, databases, .SQL., etc.

Even if you have it hosted on an outside server, while it will automatically provide you with a vast amount of programming languages, typically it is not WSYWIG.

If you host it on your own servers, you will need to have someone – a minimum of one person who knows programming languages and can customize.


Moodle and some other open source LMS/LCMS solutions are not really “out of the box” solutions. They provide the features, software, etc., but  their real strength is for you to customize it, and continue to tweak and you build, add on and develop.  So, you need to have someone who can do this in your organization. You need someone dedicated to provide this to you, whether they are in your IS/IT areas.


Sure you can upload courses into your open source LMS/LCMS, but with third party off the shelf courses and with some 3rd party developers, you will still face interoperability issues. So tweaks with code with the third party vendors/developers – tied to your system still applies. Again, another reason you need someone who has technical skill sets, unless you have those skill sets yourself.

They would also need to know and ensure that the courses would work with your SCORM system (whether it is 1.2, 2004 or SCORM in general).   To learn more about interoperability challenges, please read my blog article.

Bonus Challenges

Worse, what if your key IT/IS person is sick, injured or leaves the company, do you have a back-up that can and knows the system to handle anything and make mods, etc?

They will not give you unlimited seats – okay they will – but it will cost major $$$.   For your own content/courses, it is free – so you can have unlimited users.

Scheduling becomes a challenge in of itself, especially with small IS/IT departments, where the person is expected to handle multiple tasks.

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