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Out with the old LMS in with the new

You have had this relationship with a close colleague, someone who was there for you when you initially started to move forward, but over time you realized that your BFF is nothing more than a rogue in sheep’s clothing.  Time to find a new BFF LMS.

People tend to leave their current LMS for another LMS for the following reasons:

The reasons are clear, but now you need to decide on what to do – specifically

Review Your Contract – Time to Exit

Hopefully you have in your contract an “out clause” which can be 30 or 60 days prior to renew, or some contracts have the “you can leave” at any point, if you give notice within 30 days.   If you have neither and are stuck in a contract that lasts more than 1 year, contact your vendor – your sales person to be exact and let them know that you want to leave your contract at the end of the year for that contract (i.e. the current year agreement you are in).  If your only option is the last one, wait until you have a new LMS in place.  On the other hand, for the other options listed above, start your engines and begin to look.

When do I start?

As soon as possible.  If it is December and your contract ends in May, you need to start looking immediately, because whatever your clause states, you have to have someone in place, with an agreement to start on X day – for a smooth transition.

I want to be clear on one key point – DO NOT NOTIFY your current LMS that you are looking at another or you are looking to leave. You only need to do so, when your exit clause says you have to give them notification.

Transition time in the cover of darkness –  Covert City!

You will need to have the following in place on “go live” day which can be as quick as the next day,  from departing your previous LMS:

When do I notify?

  1. Within a few days prior to your notification – exit clause – you want to provide it to them in writing.  Email the notification – make it very clear and not something as simple as “I want out”.  State the day – which will be the end date of your contract, pre-renew that you are leaving. State what you need from them for the transition.
  2. Have them sign it, and scan and email it back to you or fax it back to you.  Example: Your notification clause to leave is 30 days out, notify your vendor that you will be exercising the clause.
  3. Wait until the exact date to notify them, that you will be exercising the clause.  Make sure you speak to an actual human being and not someone’s voice mail.
  4. Vendors can pull the ol – well you never told us – angle unless you speak to someone in person.  Always follow up with an e-mail to re-stating what you are doing, whom you notified/spoke to and the date.
  5. In Lotus Notes and Outlook you can track the email, to verify they opened it and it got there.  Better yet, there are programs out there that will hide the tracking, so the moment someone opens it you know. The plug-ins are available in every type of email program out there, including Outlook.  This is not a requirement of course, but some people like the option.

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